The software solution for blood banks

BECOM BlutDepot management makes particularly reliable, resource-saving and secure management of blood products possible - clearly and efficiently in accordance with the latest guidelines.



  • clear documentation in accordance with the latest guidelines (German Transfusion Act)
  • automatic comparison with previous results
  • label printing to uniquely identify the blood recipient
  • unambiguous assignment of stored blood to the patients
  • up to 50 antigen properties can be stored for each unit of stored blood
  • warnings in the case of problem patients (e.g. after transfusion reaction)
  • safeguarding the look-back procedure in the required time period, even after years


  • minimisation of the expiry of stored blood through effective allocation of the stored blood; stored blood can be cross-matched any number of times
  • prevention of double examinations in the case of known patients and if necessary in the case of well-known external specific antibodies as well
  • low personnel costs due to well thought-out program management
  • accurate activity recording, including patient-related - output via HL/7
  • extensive statistics, customised at the request of the customer, also in the form of EXCEL tables
  • inexpensive print material, plain paper and labels
  • special adaptation to automation solutions, e.g. such as BIO-RAD IH-COM® and the entire BIO-RAD device fleet (including IH-1000®, IH-500® and others), Ortho AutoVue Innova® and Ortho Vision/Max®
  • connecting other devices via standard interfaces is supported (e.g. Immucor Echo or Gallileo)

Other outstanding features

  • flexible parameterisation and report design enables optimal adaptation to the requirements of the laboratory
  • powerful SQL database/multi-user
  • effective and simple operation using sophisticated system-internal barcodes; no annoying switching back and forth between on-screen menus
  • user identification by card or login, high documentation security
  • support for all delivery note diskettes and stored blood barcodes - in particular the International Blood Labeling Systems (Eurocode) and Codablock stored blood barcodes (based on existing formats)
  • ready for integration of the latest RFID technologies

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