becom mitarbeiter beyer

Stephan Beyer

becom mitarbeiter blanko

Heiko Helbig
Software Development /Authorised    Representative

becom mitarbeiter wehner

Karsten Wehner
Physician / Software Development

becom mitarbeiter schock

Martina Schock
Head of product support

becom mitarbeiter schmidt

Claudia Schmidt
Assistant to Executive Board /          Product Support

becom mitarbeiter triebel

Axel Triebel
Hard-and Software Support

becom mitarbeiter adler

Dr. Marcel Adler
Project Management / Product      Development

becom mitarbeiter wichenhagen

Martina Wickenhagen
Product Support

becom mitarbeiter mcinelly

 Dr. Anita Mac Nelly
Product Development

becom mitarbeiter hofmann

Dr. Janine Hofmann
 Quality Management / Product   Development


Annett Sellig
 Product Management / Support

 Sven Herold
 Software Development

 Marcus Bischoff
 Product Support / Development

This could be your Place!

 Product Support

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