The smart software for sustainable quality control

The independent, easy-to-use solution for recording, documenting and managing internal quality controls at medical laboratories - in accordance with the guidelines of the German Medical Association of course.

BECOM MultiLab QK is a convenient, easy-to-use solution for recording, documenting and managing internal quality controls at medical laboratories. The application is available as a standalone module. It includes all the functions required for efficient processing and monitoring of quality assurance at medical laboratories. Moreover, MultiLab QK complies with the February 2008 and subsequent guidelines of the German Medical Association for Quality Assurance of Quantitative Investigations in Medical Laboratories (Rili-BAK).


  • Access to data is only granted after successful authentication on the system. Users can log on to the system using their name and password or a smart card. Access can be temporally limited and/or restricted to a specific work area.
  • All data are stored in a transaction-secure database. These are automatically backed up on a regular basis and can also be automatically archived. The archiving can be integrated into existing archiving systems.


  • All control cycles and data are documented according to the specifications of the German Medical Association. Printing of the corresponding control cards is supported by the system, whereby the required standard print templates are supplied.
  • Control cards can be issued/stored in PDF format for easy electronic archiving.
  • Control cards can be printed or exported individually or en-bloc.
  • Own evaluations are possible using the built-in ODBC interface.

Other outstanding features

  • The control cycles are checked for rule violations with each new value.
  • An archive of any desired length is kept.
  • The open database interface allows direct access to the MULTILAB QK data (e.g. from the following applications: Microsoft® Excel and Word, Crystal Reports®). This makes advanced evaluation of the extensive data possible.
  • Analysis devices: In the case of online data acquisition of the quality control values, the definitions for batch/control samples, barcodes and rack locations can be determined per analysis device. In the case of modular analysis systems, each module can be defined separately. Analysis devices can be assigned to work areas.
  • The check module - an interactive program that runs in the background for all incoming quality control results to check for violations of all of the set quality control rules. Any rule violations are displayed. The user can immediately switch to the corresponding control cycle, in order to comment on error messages or implement other measures.

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